Miami County Sentinel, 10 December 1913
Prominent Editor Dies
W. A. Wooring, Editor of The Peru Journal, Dies in Allen Township

  Wilford A. Woodring died at the home of his brother-in-law, Noah Savage, near Macy in Allen township, Tuesday
morning about 5 o’clock. He had been at the home of his relative since last Wednesday and the last days of the well known
editor and publisher of the Peru Evening Journal were spent near the place of his early childhood. He was about sixty-three
years of age.
  For over twenty-two years Mr. Woodring had been a part owner of the Peru Journal and had been connected with that
paper till the day of his death. He was born in Allen township this county and in his early youth he went with his father,
Jerry Woodring, to the state of Kansas and sbsequently he returned to Miami county where he remained till his death.
  His early education was received in the common schools in Allen township and later he became one of the prominent
teachers in that township and still later in the city schools of Peru. In the year 1887 he was elected county superintendent
of schools and sered for a period of one term. He was a capable and efficient superinteendednt and was generally recognized
as an educator of high standing and ability. He was the fifth county superintendent of Miami county.
  After the term of his office expired he associated hiimself with A. L. Bodurtha in the purchase of the Peru Evening
Journal in the year 1890 and since that time continued as one of the editors and publishers.
  Mr. Woodring was a an of unquestionable character and was highly respected for his honesty and integrity. One of the
striking things in his life was the manner in which he developed the paper with which he was connected from small beginnings
to its present profitble condition. His death will be deeply mourned by all his many friends and relatives throughout the city
and county.
  The funeral and burial arrangements have not been completed at our press hour, but they will probably be held at Macy,
his early home and the place of his death. Mr. Woodring’s son, Ross, went to Macy Tuesday morning to aid in making
arrangements. Besides his son he is survived by a widow.