Miami County Sentinel, 10 December 1913

  Mary Catherine Myerly, daughter of Benjamin and Catherine Myerly, was born in Carroll county, Maryland, March 8, 1938.
  She depated this life December 3, 1913, aged seventy-five years, eight months and twenty-five days. She was untied in
marriage to Jacob H. Powell December 10, 1857, to whom she remained faithful and for whom she made an earthly home a
Paradise until on March 21, 1904, when this happy union was broken by that Reaper whose name is death, which transferred
her husband from his earthly home to a Heavenly one. This happy union was blessed with five children, Savilla E, Charles D.
and Mary C. of McGrawsville and Thomas H. and Jennie I. of Huntington county, all of whom are still living and who are left to
mourn the loss of a mother’s care and counsel.
  Besides these she leave grandchildren and a host of other relatives, neighbors and friends who deeply feel their irre-
parable loss.
  The deceased, with her husband. Early in life, united with the United Brethen church at Waupecong and during the past-
orate of the Rev. McClintic, transferred their membership to McGrawsville M. E. church to which she remained wholly failthful.
  Though her illness was of long duration and her sufferings great, not withstanding loving and tender hands administered
to her relief in all that was possible for human aid, she bore it all patiently and uncomplainingly taking refuge in the thought
that life’s pilgrimage soon would be supplanted by a home of rest in the temple of Heaven.
  Her life exemplified the beauties and virtues of Christian Perfection, always kind, cheerful and charitable never swerving
in the path of duty to her home, the church and society.
  Her implicit faith and unshakabe confidence in the immortality of the soul is no where more vividly expressed than in the
strong, consoling testimony which she gave her earthly life when she would ask that they mourn not for her for Jesus would
take her home.

        “Large was her bounty and her soul sincere,
        Heaven did a recompense as largely send;
        She gave to misery all she had, a tear,
        She gained from Heaven (twas all she wished) a friend.

        No farther seek her merits to disclose,
        Or draw her frailities from their abode;
        There they alike in trembling hope repose,
        The bosom of her Father and her God.”