William H H Spaulding
William H H Spaulding
Born at Newport, Ohio, about 1840, as he seems to have been named for the first President Harrison, who was elected in 1840 and
died in 1841. His parents moved to Toledo, Ohio, when he was ten years of age and four years after moved to Peru, Indiana, where
he has ever since resided, being- at present the proprietor of the Spaulding Brass and Iron Works, his sons being his partners. He
was the drum-major of the regiment and had charge of the band from the first to the end of the service. He writes: "I would like to
have you say that the musicians were with the regiment at all times, and in all battles were ready with their stretchers to carry
their wounded comrades off the field no matter where there fell." All know that this is true. The musicians were Paul Dodge, Peter
G. Blaney (Marion F. Pierce after November 1, 1864) of Company A; Winfield E. Brewer, of Company C; Alonzo B. Thorn, of
Company D; James Anderson, of Company E; Wm. S. Hall and David W. Davis, of Company G; Adin F. Spaulding, of Company
I; and Edward Kennedy, of Company K. The picture of Comrade Spaulding was taken in August, 1863, near Vicksburg, and he is
less changedwith the years than any member of the regiment I meet. He is a true comrade and attends the reunions when it is
possible for him to be there, and can make a good speech if necessary.
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