John C Parks
Born May 30, 1844, Miami county, Indiana. His first ten years were spent with his parents and with the Miami Indians, and was known
as Chief Gabriel Godfrey's Wapeciet, or "pet white boy," and the old chieftain with his long, white hair and careworn looks, still
visits him at his place of business in Peru. He was raised on a farm until he enlisted. He was appointed corporal, and at Louisville
was appointed one of the color-guards and served as such until Atlanta fell when he was appointed 1st sergeant, and served as such
until muster out, when he received a commission as lieutenant. Was injured by the explosion of a shell at Kenesaw and so was mounted
and put in command of a foraging party, and thus became one of Sherman's "bummers" on the "march to the sea." He is a moulder by
trade and when able, has engaged in foundary work at Peru and other places since the war. In February, 1868, he was married to Miss
Emma L. Arrasmith, who, with three children, two sons and a daughter, all of them of age, still lives to be his companion in life's
work. Comrade Parks is a thoroughgoing comrade, attends the reunions and takes a lively interest in everything that pertains to the
honor and fame of the 99th Indiana. Address, Peru, Indiana.
New History of the 99th Indiana Infantry: Containing Official Reports, Anecdotes, Incidents, Biographies and Complete Rolls
Daniel R. Lucas, Horner Printing Company, 1900