Silas Lowman
SILAS LOWMAN, a prominent and well known citizen of Liberty township, was born in Miami county, Ind., Dec. 29, 1846. He was reared and trained to the duties of the farm and when he started in life for himself he located in Cass county and resided there till coming into Fulton in 1872. He bought eighty acres in the forest and began the battle of life not under the most favorable circum- stances. He has kept at the business of clearing and improving and reaching out for more land until he owns a farm of twice its original size and a good producer. Mr. Lowman married April 16. 1868, Mary C, a daughter of Charles McElwee, who married Catherine Bosh and settled in Cass county very early. Mrs. Lowman died July 1, 1881, leaving one child, Anna M., wife of E. Zigler, of this county. Dec. 29, 1881, Mr. Lowman married Margaret E. Senclair, daughter of George Senclair. The children of this union are : Edwin, Morris, Clara B. and Hughell. Silas Lowman is a son of Abraham Lowman, born near Dayton, Ohio. He died in Miami county, Ind., 1882, at seventy years of age. He married Jane B. Hughell, who was the mother of Ephraim, Huntington county: Susana, wife of E. Woodhouse, Cass county; Samuel, Marshall county; Elizabeth, deceased, wife of J. M. Persmete; Joseph, in Kansas; John, in Wabash county; Silas, Ilmary, married Elias McCowan, and Richard, in Rochester; Nancy Jane Serber, wife of William Simons, of Mexico, Ind., was reared in this family. The mother of these children, who still survives, was bom April 24, 1811. Our subject's paternal grandfather was born in Pennsylvania and was a soldier in the war of 1812. He affiliated with the republican party, as does our subject, who is one of the party leaders in his township.
History of the United States and State of Indiana. Part 3
Special Edition for Fulton County

Elia Peattie, National Publishing Company, Chicago,Illinois, 1896