Peter Hegner
Peter Hegner. One of the best known men in Grant county, Indiana, is Peter Hegner. He has lived in this section for many years, and is now
trustee of Franklin township. He has also been a farmer for many years. Inheriting from his German ancestry the qualities of Industry and
thrift, he has succeeded in life where another man might have failed, for he began life with little save prospects. In his public duties he has
carried on the work in accordance with the same high ideals that he has maintained in his private and business life and the respect and esteem
which is accorded him is evidence of the satifaction which he has given to those who elected him to office.

Peter Hegner was born in Peru, Indiana, on the 3rd of August, 1860, the son of Paul and Catherine (Walters) Hegner. Both of his parents were
born, reared and educated in their native land, Germany. When Paul Hegner came to the United States he first located in Michigan and later
came to Peru, Indiana. Here he met his future wife, who had come here on landing after her trip from Germany. She was at the time working
for a German family near Peru. After they were married the young couple went to live in Peru, residingthere for four years, and they then
moved to a farm near Bunker Hill, Indiana. Here Mr. Hegner bought forty acres of land, all timbered, and set to work to clear land and get it
under cultivation. This farm was in the Deer Creek township and here they lived until Mrs. Hegnerís death. Mr. Hegner married again in 1882
and after this he moved to Howard county, Indiana, where he lived until his death. Of his children by his first wife seven lived to maturity,
and of these Peter Hegner was next to the oldest.

Peter Hegner received his education in the district schools of Miami county, Indiana, attending school in the winter and working on the farm
in summer. He had ths acquired a very fair education by the time he was ready to leave school and go to work. He did notleave his fatherís
farm until he went into the meat and grocery business at Kokomo, Indiana. He hade considerable money in this business and was thus
engaged until 1894.

It was in the latter year that he came into Marion, and locating in West Marion, he again engaged in the meat and grocery business. For six
years he was one of the successful merchants of this place and then he was elected trustee of Franklin township, and sold out his business.
After his term as trustee expired in 1904 he went into the coal bisuness in West Marion and was also engaged in farming in that vicinity. He
continued in this way until 1908 when he was again elected trustee of Franklin township. He is now serving in this office and his term does
not expire until 1915.

In his political beliefs Mr. Hepner affiliates with the Republican party and he has been ative in party politics in local affars. He was at one
time candidate for the nomination of county commissioner of Grant county. In the world of secret societies Mr. Hegner is a member of the
Ben Hur and Nepute orders, having insurance in the first named. In religious matters both he and his family are members of the West Ninth
Street Methodist Episcopal church in Marion. He is one of the trustees and is recording steward of the church as well as being active in the
work of the Sunday school.

Mr. Hegner was married in October, 1891, to Miss Jennie Foreman. She was born in Boone, Iowa, on the 2th of January, 1871, and at the
age of five years she was bereft of her mother. She received her education in Ohio and in 1886 came to Kokomo, Indiana where she met and
married Mr. Hepner. Three children have been born of this union, namely, Paul and Pauline, twins who were born on August 5, 1892, and
Elizabeth, who was born on November 25, 1897. Paul is a graduate of the common schools and of the Marion high school, and he has taught
three terms of school. Pauline is a graduate of the grammar school and she is now at home, while Elizabeth, having completed the work
of the grammar school is now a student in the high school in Marion.
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