Josiah Farrar
Josiah Farrar
Josiah Farrar
Born September 25, 1826, in Jefferson county, New York. Came to Indiana in 1846, having alway resided at Peru, Indiana, since
1852. Studied law in Rochester, New York, and has been in partnership with his brother, Hon. John L. Farrar, at Peru for over
forty years. He recruited Company D, and was chosen captain and was with the regiment from the beginning to the end of its
service. Being of a quiet, conservative disposition, and not self-assertive, he is one of the men who perhaps never received the
credit that was due him. He was in command of the regiment on the reconnoisance to Dalton and Rocky Face in February, 1864,
and commanded the 99th in some difficult places. He was in command of the brigade skirmishers on July 22d at Atlanta, and was
second in command on July 28th. He advanced the Fifteenth Corps' skirmish line August 3d, the day that Major Brown, 70th Ohio,
was killed, and commanded the regiment during- one of the most trying weeks of the siege of Atlanta, while Colonel Berkey was
sick and Colonel Fowler on leave. He commanded the regiment during the march through the Carolinas and to the end of service.
On May 20, 1865, he was mustered as lieutenant-colonel and on muster out was commissioned as colonel.

Since the war he has been actively engaged in the practice of law and has gained a high standing as a lawyer, the firm of Farrar &
Farrar is well known through central Indiana. The colonel is domestic in his tastes, loving his family. He lost a lovely daughter,
Maude, a young lady of much worth, about ten years ago, and he has never ceased to lament her loss. Although well along in life,
73 years of age, he still carries himself erect as of old. The picture on page 7 was taken in 1862 instead of 1865, as given there.
Company D came from Miami county under command of Captain Josiah Farrar who retained the command until he was com-
missioned lieutenant-colonel and succeeded to the command of the regiment which he held at the muster out of the regiment,
when he received a commission as colonel.
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