Erastus Ellibee
Born September 1, 1841, in Dark county, and the following is a brief statement of a varied career indeed: "Came to Grant county,
Indiana, from there to Wabash, then to Miami county. Enlisted in August, 1861, in 40th Indiana, but was taken sick and did not
get to go; enlisted in August, 1862, in the 99th; went all through with the regiment; wounded through the muscle of the right thigh
at New Hope church, June 4, 1864; and under the left ear, battering the jaw and affecting the hearing, at Atlanta, August 18, 1864;
got back to the regiment just in time to make the march to the sea; was forager on the march and marched all the way through the
Carolinas; mustered out with the regiment. In August after he came home, his mother died, and he went to Rensselaer, bought a piece
of land and improved it. In 1871 went to Sacramento, California; was second cook on the steamer Flora; then on a ranch until 1872;
worked in Los Angeles, and Inyo county for about 8 months; lost his health; went to the mines in Kern county, regained his health
and worked there four years; went to burning charcoal by contract; did well; went on a gold prospecting tour and failed; bought a
half interest in a pack train and followed it for seven years and made money; then bought cattle and has run a ranch ever since. He
was married July 28, 1890, just twenty-six years after the battle near Atlanta; ran for sheriff in 1888, was beaten by thirty-three
votes." He says: "I do not use tobacco, gamble, or drink, and have lived an honora- ble, upright life. We have a daughter 7 years of
age. My address is Mineral Park, Arizona Territory."
New History of the 99th Indiana Infantry: Containing Official Reports, Anecdotes, Incidents, Biographies and Complete Rolls
Daniel R. Lucas, Horner Printing Company, 1900