Franklin Bitters
FRANKLIN PIERCE BITTERS, M. D., was born at Bloomsburg, Pa., Oct. 25, 1852. His parents were William and Elizabeth C. (Kuhn) Bitters. The father was born in Pennsylvania, the mother in Fulton county, Ind. William Bitters was a brick mason by trade, and in 1856 he came to Peru. Ind., and there worked at his trade for awhile. Subsequently he came to Fulton county, where he met and married Elizabeth C. Kuhn, with whom he settled in Rochester in 1858. Their son was given a common school education. He learned the brick mason's trade under his father, but at the age of seventeen he began teaching school. In June, 1876. he graduated from Northern Indiana Normal school, at Valparaiso, completing a scientific course. Immediately he went to Louisville, Ky., where he entered the Kentucky school of medicine, whence he grad- uated in June, 1879. He began the practice of his profession at Claypool, Ind., but remained there only a short time. January, 1880, he located at Rensselaer, Ind., where he successfully practiced for eleven years. At West Lafayette, Ind., in 1883, he married Anna May Stockton, a lady of intellectual and moral culture, and of strong force of character. She bore him three children, but. alas, death called the wife and mother and her children away, in the years 1890- 91. Having been sadly bereft of his family Dr. Bitters felt the loss so keenly that he became discontented with living in Rensselaer, the scene of his loss, and in 1891 he became a resident of Rochester. where he has continued to practice his profession.
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